About Mia

Miya Doors and Windows, a modern enterprise dedicated to providing Chinese consumers with high-end aluminum alloy windows and doors overall solutions. Since 1999, he has been involved in the door and window industry. He has accumulated decades of product experience and technical experience, and provides customers with professional supporting solutions for building exterior windows, sun rooms, curtain walls, and home doors.

The Miya brand and Miya strugglers are the cornerstones of the company's success and development. From the beginning, Miya has been committed to integrating design, research and development and technology. After decades of development, Mia has become a professional provider of building facade system solutions. Working closely with internationally renowned design masters and groups in the field of architecture is one of Mia's greatest features.
Looking forward to the future, we will uphold the consistent good style and, as always, maintain the professionalism of "passion, care, responsibility, mission" to serve our customers. Service reflects the value, Miya doors and windows will be committed to becoming an outstanding enterprise in China's aluminum alloy doors and windows industry!

National leading brand

Available in every system within the technology:

♦ Excellent thermal performance;
♦ Impactful visual appeal and design flexibility;
♦ Simple maintenance standards;
♦ Fully compatible with other façade products;
♦ Easy to manufacture and install;
♦ High-quality components for long-term performance。

Gathering large brand aluminum door and window curtain wall equipment production group:

♦ Advanced manufacturing technology, precise installation and durability meet industry standards;
♦ High-precision processing standards, groundbreaking CPG surface coating, anodizing and polyester powder coating;
♦ After rigorous testing, the product has excellent wind pressure resistance, water tightness and air tightness;
♦ Various design options, matching the right solution according to different architectural styles,
♦ Concealed ventilation windows, such as curtain walls, curved, special-shaped windows and compatible module systems, match the intelligence
Building or home intelligent system.

Miya Doors and Windows Values

Company slogan and commitment The company's slogan: the same life as the building Consumer Promise: Designed for a Better Life