Design and development

Modern aesthetic professional product design

Only designed doors and windows are system doors and windows, and only complete and professionally designed system doors and windows with technical precipitation are high-performance system doors and windows.
From the beginning, Miya has been committed to integrating design, research and development and technology. After decades of development, Mia has become a professional provider of building facade system solutions.
After systematic research and in-depth insight into popular trends, Mia first proposed the "doors and windows wide opening era" concept in the system doors and windows industry, using extremely slim viewing surfaces to represent the minimalist style characteristics of buildings and spaces, and to realize the individual needs of consumers.

R & D for individual needs

Miya's research and development team provides advanced solutions through rich professional and creative research and development to improve the thermal insulation and sound insulation coefficient of the product, significantly reduce the U value, etc., to achieve the customer's unconventional building goals, and provide customers with customized needs stand by.
From the beginning of the aluminum alloy profile casting to the final output of the finished product, from the beginning of the project to the final installation service, the Miya R & D team is involved throughout the process and consistently, to ensure the selection of raw materials, production processing technology, product performance, appearance, installation and use matters, etc. Meet regulatory requirements and exceed the user experience expected by end users.

Technical support for rigorous experimental testing